At Decatur Day Care Center (DDCC), our legacy is built on dedication and passion. With a history that spans over nine decades, our staff members are the backbone of our institution. Many have dedicated their careers to DDCC, reflecting our commitment to excellence and the nurturing environment we provide. Our team's longevity is a testament to the fulfilling and impactful work we do every day, ensuring that once someone joins DDCC, they become a part of our extended family.

Many Career Opportunities

Join our Growing Team at Decatur Day Care!

Being a part of DDCC means joining a legacy of over 90 years of commitment to children's growth and learning. Our staff, with their combined service of over 300 years, are testament to the difference we make every day. Experience a workplace where passion meets purpose, and where every member becomes an integral part of our extended family.

Why work with us?

Benefits of Working with Decatur Day Care Center

At Decatur Day Care Center (DDCC), we pride ourselves on creating a nurturing environment not just for the children but also for our dedicated staff. Our long-standing history and commitment to excellence have made us a cornerstone in the community. Joining our team means becoming a part of a legacy where passion, growth, and making a difference are at the forefront.

Community Impact

Play a pivotal role in shaping the future of children from diverse backgrounds, ensuring they receive top-tier care and education.

Professional Growth

Our staff members, some with over 40 years of service, find a lasting career and home at DDCC, showcasing the opportunities for growth and development.

Legacy & Reputation

Be a part of a center with over 90 years of service, known for its dedication to children's growth and learning.

Supportive Environment

Experience a workplace where every member is valued, with a strong emphasis on teamwork, mutual respect, and celebrating our differences.